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cleanroom-classifications chart

Cleanroom Classifications Explained

Oct 19, 2022

A cleanroom classification basically tells you how clean a cleanroom is. While we typically consider cleanrooms... Read More »

How Do Cleanroom Active Air Samplers Work?

Nov 23, 2022

Have you ever heard the old wives’ tale that if you water your garden at night,... Read More »

GMP Annex 1 2022 Update Breakdown: Part 2

Oct 26, 2022

In 2017, GMP released a draft update to Annex 1, which received a lot of feedback.... Read More »

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hand held particle counter

What Are Handheld Particle Counters?

Feb 4, 2023

Handheld particle counters are just what it sounds like: particle counters that you can hold in... Read More »

An operating table with an ApexZ and AC100 for environmental monitoring.

The Importance of Environmental Monitoring in Healthcare

Feb 1, 2023

Did you know that approximately 1 out of every 31 hospital patients in the U.S. are... Read More »

LMS Express 4 Walkthrough

Jan 26, 2023

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