Going Paperless in the Cleanroom

Going Paperless in the Cleanroom

What does going paperless in the Cleanroom mean?

Many years ago when particle counters were developed and their predecessors came along, over the years one major component in particle counters has always remained even when sensor technology in size shrinked from HeNe lasers to today’s much smaller laser diodes the ticker tape printer has remained. In the 1980’s memory was pretty small so capturing and recording large data chunks was not a luxury we have today with the advent of Solid State Drive memory advances. One terabyte is small in today’s memory driven and memory fueled world. The data had to be recorded on a ticker tape which was generated from an internal printer inside the particle counter. Now that we have abilities to store and transfer data effortlessly the move to a paperless cleanroom associated with particle counters has begun. So going paperless really means the end of the labor intensive ticker tape print outs and the management and storage of that data. The lighthouse ApexZ is a great solution to going paperless effortlessly.

How can you go completely digital with your particle counter data?​

With the best UI interface which allows for easy intuitive user data management the ApexZ enables a seamless path to paperless. Environmental Monitoring SOPs can be configured into the ApexZ which allow for simplistic cleanroom certification. 

Build in workflows based on your EM facility program and ensure the highest level of data integrity. The ApexZ takes the user to a new level of Cleanroom Certification.

EM Managers can have total control over the system SOPs and workflows ensuring only validated SOPs and workflows are used.

The ApexZ sends PDF reports and raw data to network printers or shared network folders or the data can go directly into your 3rd party database management system such as a LIMs or MODA EM application. Choose wired or wireless data outputs. All validated and verified by LWS. 

  • Automate Data Management

    Eliminate error - 5 paths to paperless

  • Robust & Reliable

    Designed for the harshest environments. Capture excursion events & ensure SOP adherence

  • Save Time

    Daily sampling, data management and user interactions

ApexZ family
  • Organize Cleanroom Workflow

    assure room is error free and compliant

  • 21 CFR part 11

    Compliant controls for data integrity, user management & audit trail accountability

  • On-site Factory Services

    Full suite of services to maximize uptime in the cleanroom

Process Problems with the paper-based system​

With the paper-based system there are many problematic areas when relying on particle counter printed data. There are also many steps involved into getting the data to where you need it to be and in the format that you want. All steps can be error prone which may erode data integrity.

Each particle counting test must:

  • Follow the prescribed SOP for test protocol
  • Taken in sequence location to location
  • Configured to take different required air volumes from A-B-C-D rooms requirements
  • Produce a manual ticker tape of the data; minimum of 5 data tags
  • Each test evaluated for pass/fail criteria and excursions must be documented for rationale and re-sampled

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