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  • Material Composition:
    • Filter: Polypropylene
    • Nose Foam: Medical Grade PVC
    • Nose Clip: Dual Iron Core Polypropylene Coated Wire
    • Coverweb: Polypropylene
    • Head Straps: Polyisoprene
  • Particle Filtration: Greater than 95% (tested at 98%)
  • Shelf/Storage Life: 3 Years
  • Storage Temperature Limits: Between -4°F (-20°C) and +86°F (+30°C)
  • Storage Relativity Humidity Limits: Not Exceeding 80% RH
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Country of Origin: Manufactured in the USA
  • Manufactured By: Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions

SHIELD-MEDI Respirator For Healthcare

The future of N95 masks for healthcare workers is here

Designed for nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers, our SHIELD-MEDI was made in America to serve our medical professionals. We know that pulling 12 hour shifts, facing endless challenges, comes with a plethora of obstacles. We believe that  respirators slipping out of place, breaking, making it difficult to breathe, and leaving bruises should not be one of those obstacles.

Meet The “Fit Test Champion”

No more fiddling with your face mask, hoping it fits correctly, or failing fit tests. Our SHIELD-MEDI users have reported back to us that this revolutionary face mask has become the new “fit test champion”! Passing fit tests on the widest possible range of faces, this mask is designed to accommodate you – not the other way around. Even when moving, the SHIELD-MEDI is designed to stay sealed to your face while flexing to keep you comfortable. You can rest easy knowing that this face mask comfortably and securely protects your airways from hazardous particles.

Making Breathing Easier

With its 3-panel design to maximize the filtration surface, the SHIELD-MEDI is the easiest-to-breathe disposable respirator on the market. Our goal is to help you forget you’re wearing a mask while still protecting your lungs!

Improving Visibility And Decreasing Fogging

Our innovative design decreases fogging for glasses and other eye protection while also improving the downward viewing angle by up to 25%. Our patented ClearView bar was built to make the lives of healthcare professionals easier and improve patient care with increased visibility.

Maximizing Durability

Have you ever been in a critical situation… And your mask strap broke? Or you realized after spending an hour in a high risk setting that there were flaws in your mask? That is the absolute worst – and puts you at risk. In our SHIELD-MEDI, we wanted to address this. That is why we designed it with our patented weld pattern and specialized head strap that will remain intact throughout its duty cycle. Our goal is our safety – and that starts with a properly functioning and durable mask.


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