Letter from our president – Paul Newman
Paul Newman - President LWS

Thank you for counting on us over the years.

Since the beginning, Lighthouse has been fueled by a vision that technology can make a positive impact in the world. We have launched first of their kind products providing game changing solutions in the world of air and water quality measurement. From the first open architecture monitoring systems in the 80’s to today’s cutting edge particle counting instruments, we have always lead with the best solutions to your most pressing issues.

Our secret to success over the years has not been some special technology, our smart engineering, or anything like that. Our super power is that we listen. We listen deeply to our customers and meet them where their biggest problems are. We are relentless, passionate, and dedicated to bringing you solutions.

This is the core of what makes Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions who we are. You have always been able to rely on us and we are so grateful to each of our customers who count on us to see the small particles that cause big issues with the safety of our medicines, quality of the products we rely on, and the air we breathe.

Thank you for your support and belief in us over the decades. Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions is the best partner you can have to solve your biggest or most mundane cleanroom monitoring challenges. Then and now we have always been here for you, we always listen, so come visits us and see how we can make your job, and lives that much easier.