Introducing the Apex RBP

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Revolutionizing Particle Monitoring in Battery Manufacturing

Particle contamination in battery manufacturing involves the unwanted presence of tiny particles that can harm battery performance and safety. Maintaining vigilance in key areas is crucial.

Continuous monitoring for these particles is vital to safeguard the integrity and safety of electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Utilizing cutting-edge particle detection and control systems during manufacturing is essential to mitigate these risks.

Benefits of Implementing Apex RBp:

Enhanced Safety: Reducing the risk of battery shorts and fires by maintaining a contamination-free manufacturing environment.

Improved Battery Quality: Contributing to the production of more reliable and efficient batteries through precise contamination control.

Compliance and Assurance:Assisting manufacturers in meeting stringent industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Instrument Files

Data Sheet – ApexRemote with Pump R3p, R5p, R02p, R03p, R05p, RBp
Operating Manual – ApexRemote with Pump R3p, R5p, R02p, R03p, R05p
Wiring Diagram – Apex Remote with Pump R03p, R05p
Brochure – ApexRBp