Introducing The New “Fit Test Champion”: SHIELD-95-MEDI Surgical N95 Respirator

shield 95 medi mask

Anyone who has used an N95 face mask knows that they are far from comfortable: they pinch in all the wrong places, they fail fit tests, and they limit your vision. As you have to fiddle with your face mask, its functionality and protection comes into question.

As the world’s leading clean air experts for over 40 years, we think this needs to change. That is why we developed the SHIELD-95-MEDI Surgical N95 Respirator: the most innovative N95 on the market.

The N95 Face Mask “Fit Test Champion”

Our SHIELD-95-MEDI users have reported back to us that this revolutionary face mask has become the new “fit test champion”! Passing fit tests on the widest possible range of faces, this mask is designed to accommodate you – not the other way around. No more fiddling with your face mask, hoping it fits correctly, or failing fit tests. You can rest easy knowing that this face mask comfortably and securely protects your airways from hazardous particles.

Designed For Profound Breathability

The SHIELD-95-MEDI was designed to blow you away with its breathability! While maximizing the filtration area and perfecting the layers, we have put our skills to the test to design this mask that offers maximum protection and breathability. Say goodbye to breathing in the same hot sticky air and say hello to feeling refreshed.

No More Limited Vision

We’ve all been there: craning our head to find the tools we need in critical moments because our N95 is blocking our view. When designing the SHIELD-95-MEDI, we wanted to eliminate this as much as possible. Our goal was to increase your field of view, removing the mask from your peripheral vision. To do this, we used our patented clear view bar and increased your field of vision up to 30%! This makes it easier and safer to work with patients. No more grasping at tools out of your field of view!

Say Hello To Durability

Have you ever been in a critical situation… And your N95 strap broke? Or you realized after spending an hour in a high risk setting that there were flaws in your mask? That is the absolute worst – and puts you at risk. In our SHIELD-95-MEDI, we wanted to address this. That is why we designed it with our patented weld pattern and specialized head strap that will remain intact throughout its duty cycle. Our goal is your safety – and that starts with a properly functioning and durable mask.

The Future Of N95 Respirators

The SHIELD-95-MEDI Surgical N95 Respirator has brought 3 patented designs to the market, making it the most comfortable, best fitting, and effective respirator available. From healthcare workers to lab techs working with toxic chemicals and everywhere in between, your health matters. You deserve to work with an N95 developed by the world’s clean air experts, who have poured their expertise into designing a comfortable, well-fitting mask.

We cut no corners with the design and execution of the SHIELD-95-MEDI, because your safety is our top concern. Don’t settle for second best. Protect your most important asset: you.

Order the SHIELD-95-MEDI today.

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