Project Management

The Lighthouse Installation Team provides quality installations and expansions. Our skilled professionals include project managers and installation crews worldwide who make Lighthouse installations the industry’s finest. Our quality, attention to detail and efficiency are proven. Our creativity in meeting your needs is unmatched.

Lighthouse is a worldwide supplier of turnkey contamination monitoring systems. We offer complete support throughout the entire life of the system including consulting, system design, system manufacturing, installation, calibration, after service and training. Our engineers, technicians and support personnel are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Lighthouse project managers work closely with all internal departments, including sales, purchasing, manufacturing, engineering and upper management. The focus and hard work of a project manager begins when we receive the purchase order and continues to the end of the project.

  • Lighthouse provides a complete specification of our customer’s installation. Project managers work with the customer every step of the way to answer questions and address concerns.
  • An installation schedule will be provided and updated as needed.
  • Lighthouse project management works closely with our customers on Instrument locations, naming schemes, system configuration and layout, assuring an efficient and successful installation.
  • Our installation teams are trained to perform installation of a wide variety of environmental, gas and liquid instruments. Cable and tubing layouts are neat, clean and organized.
  • We uphold high standards of craftsmanship. Every Lighthouse installation undergoes rigorous data validation, quality and system integrity checks. We strive to make each installation a showcase for our customers.

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Lighthouse Training Center provides up to date training on all software and hardware currently in the field. Courses are reviewed and updated regularly and new courses are added to keep up with the fast pace of technology.


  • LMS Exchange
  • LMS Express RT
  • LMS Express RT Plus
  • FMS Basics
  • LMS Basics
  • LMSNet Basics
  • FMS Administration
  • LMS Administration
  • LMSNet Administration
  • Full System Integration

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Customer Focused Training
Software, Hardware & Applications

Software (User, Administrator, Service Levels)

  • LMS Net Products
  • FMS3 & LMS Instrument Server
  • LMS Exchange
  • LMS Express & Express RT

Hardware (Operation & Connectivity)

  • Remote Particle Counters
  • Portable Particle Counters
  • Manifold Particle Systems
  • Environmental & Process Monitoring Systems
    • Temperature
    • Relative Humidity
    • Differential Pressure
    • Air Velocity
    • Process Chemicals
    • Ultrapure Water Systems
    • ESD & ESC
    • System Topologies
    • More…

Applications (Theory, Operation, & Setup)

  • Choosing Sensor & Monitoring Locations
  • ISO 14644-2
  • System & Data Integration
  • Understanding & Using Data
  • System Abilities
  • More…
  • Manual inspection of all instruments and sensing points ensure that all instruments are operating properly.
  • Manual inspection of all computer systems and data collection devices to ensure optimal performance and operation of hardware.
  • Manual inspection of all vacuum pumps and utilities to verify their condition.
  • Virus scans, disk defragmentation and surface scans on the key data collection devices.
  • System backups and data archives.
  • Cleanup of all files and a system integrity test to maximize performance.
  • Validation of data collected.
  • Locations of all devices.
  • Calibration due dates for all devices and instruments on the system.
  • Conditions of the vacuum pumps, system components and instruments.
  • Suggestions for all concerns, problems, and expansion ideas.