Nov 16, 2022

What Is EN 17141?

EN 17141 Cleanrooms and controlled environments – Biocontamination control is a relatively new European standard, introduced in 2020, that establishes and demonstrates best practices to control airborne and surface microbiological contamination in controlled environments, such as cleanrooms. This standard applies specifically to European cleanrooms in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical, hospital, and food industries, as identified […]

Nov 7, 2022

Overview of GMP Annex 1 and its impact on Environmental Monitoring

GMP Annex
Oct 26, 2022

GMP Annex 1 2022 Update Breakdown: Part 2

In 2017, GMP released a draft update to Annex 1, which received a lot of feedback. Now, GMP has released a finalized version of the updated Annex 1, which addresses many of the concerns and questions raised about the draft version. The largest changes and shifts in this document are found in the increased focus […]

GMP Annex
Oct 19, 2022

GMP Annex 1 2022 Update Breakdown: Part 1

The European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for Medicinal Products for Human and Veterinary Use – Annex 1, commonly referred to as GMP Annex 1, was originally published as a draft in 2017. This draft left many people operating in the pharmaceutical industry wondering at some of the proposed changes to the regulations that […]

Cleanroom gas sampling basics instructions
Oct 5, 2022

Basics Of ISO 8573

If you use compressed gasses in your cleanroom, ISO 8573 is an important set of guidelines and regulations for your cleanroom, specifically ISO 8573-1:2010. This set of guidelines is maintained and governed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to creating worldwide standards for a variety of industries. ISO standards […]

Sep 22, 2022

GAMP5’s Impact On Developing Monitoring Systems

Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP). GAMP is both a technical subcommittee of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE) and a set of guidelines for manufacturers and users of automated systems in the pharmaceutical industry. ISPE is the world’s largest not-for-profit association serving its members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement throughout the entire […]

Sep 22, 2022

Cleanroom Validation from URS to PQ; ISPE GAMP5 2022 Edition & V Scheme Application for Cleanroom Monitoring Systems

Sep 21, 2022

The Basics Of 21CFR11 And GAMP5 For Data Integrity In A Cleanroom

If you know us, then you know that clean air and water is our passion in life. But what happens when you cannot prove to the regulatory authorities that your air and water is clean? Cleanrooms and monitoring systems generate a lot of data. In an 8 hour shift, as many as 5,000 individual count […]

Jul 13, 2022

Basics On Minimizing Contamination Risk In Your Cleanroom

What is the biggest villain in the contamination control and cleanroom world? Particles. Contamination. This contamination can cause yield and financial loss, delays, frustration, and physical threats to the end user. It is something that should be avoided wherever possible.  To minimize contamination risk in your cleanroom, you first need to understand what contamination control […]

Jun 30, 2022

What is 21CFR11 and why is it so important in maintaining Data Integrity?

Jun 29, 2022

Questions to Ask About The Application of 21 CFR Part 11 In Your Operations

The following questions will help you ask the right questions when implementing a system thatadheres to 21CFR Part 11. It is important to satisfy the requirements of this FDA code in order toenable Data Integrity and Data Traceability as well as the electronic signatures that verify the dataas original, valid, and accurate

Jun 16, 2022

21 CFR part 11 Overview

21 CFR Part 11 outlines the federal requirements that help to ensure that electronic records are trustworthy, reliable, and generally equivalent to paper records and handwritten signatures executed on paper. 21 CFR Part 11 has 10 chapters over 3 subsections. These subsections are General Provisions, Electronic Records, and Electronic Signatures.

Apr 28, 2022

What is GAMP and why is it so important in Cleanroom Manufacturing?

Feb 23, 2022

Understanding and Applying USP 788 Best Practices

Feb 23, 2022

Water For injection Liquid Monitoring for Pharmaceuticals

Water is one of the major utilities used by the pharmaceutical industry. Different grades of water quality are required depending on the different pharmaceutical uses. Control of the quality of water, in particular the microbiological quality, is a major concern and the pharmaceutical industry devotes considerable resources to the development and maintenance of water purification […]

Feb 2, 2022

USP 788 Testing for Particles in Injectable Products

We are all too well aware of the adverse effects of particulate matter contamination within parenteral injectable pharmaceutical products and the consequences for patient safety. Here, particulate matter refers to the small, sub visible particles. The United States Pharmacopoeia, USP <788> provides two tests for detecting such particulates: light obscuration and microscopic assay. Both are […]

Sep 27, 2021

Active Air Sampling Technology & ISO 14698

Sep 8, 2021

ISO 14644-1:2015 and ISO 14644:2-2015 Review

cleanroom tech
Jul 17, 2021

The Guide to Creating A GMP Training Program

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs – sometimes referred to as Current Good Manufacturing Practices or CGMPs) are federal regulations set by the FDA to cover how pharmaceuticals and food products are manufactured. They are guidelines taken for granted by many consumers – they assume what they put in their body will have been safely produced – but […]

Jun 23, 2021

EN17141 “Bio contamination Control” and Microbiology in Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments