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Where Gamma Immunity and Sensitivity Meet

The Vertex50

We know your ultra-pure water system is critical to your application; we listened and introduced the Vertex50. The Vertex50 offers early detection, the industry’s lowest false count rate and a proven clean up time.
Come discover how the Vertex50 accomplishes this.

Liquid Samplers

Compliant with Industry Standards

The LS line of liquid samplers are the perfect choice for all of your applications. The LS-20 gives you USP 788 compliance with built-in reports and a recently updated control software package. No matter your application, when you need to do liquid batch sampling we have you covered.

In-line Remote Liquid Particle Counters

Verification of DI Water Cleanliness

Determination of your DI Water cleanliness is critical for any application. DI Water is utilized in many different ways and you would need a means of verifying the water that is being supplied meets a certain level of cleanliness. The Lighthouse Remote Liquid Particle Counters are ideal products for DI Water Systems due to their ease of installation and continuous monitoring capabilities.