How do I download data form my Hand Held particle counter into my PC?

(Applies to all Lighthouse Portable Particle Counters)

Not being able to access the data on your particle counter could be frustrating. We get this question a lot. 

How do I download data from my particle counter? and more specifically the handheld 3016 due to its flexibility and mobility taking smaller samples you want to analysis right away often happens. 

 Well here are the steps to make sure you can download the data.  More in-depth steps can be found in the operating manual but since you're here ​


  1. Download LMS Xchange software from and install on computer.
  2. Find the black Lighthouse supplied USB to Serial data transfer cable. Contact Lighthouse if you are unsure or need to order one.
  3. Download and install the driver for the USB to serial data transfer cable.
  4. Go to the ? (about) by the upper on the LMS Xchange software and review the software’s manual. You can skip to page 38 on how to get the software to find the instrument.
    1. you can also download the manual in the files section below. 

If you’re still having trouble find us on live chat on the bottom right of your screen or submit a tech support request here