LWS Honors Our Veterans

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At Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, our CEO is always up to something unusual and new, and something that warms the hearts, minds and lifts the spirits of those in attendance as well as those that hear about it.

Last Friday, Dr. Kim held a Barbecue at Lighthouse at the Manufacturing factory in Medford.  But this wasn’t just any Barbecue.  Dr. Kim took this opportunity to honor the Veterans at Lighthouse! 

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(Dr. Tae Yun Kim with the Courageous LWS Veterans)

Officially, this past weekend was a holiday weekend for Memorial Day, a day to honor and remember the military warriors who have fallen and we definitely honor those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. Through their sacrifices, we Americans are able to enjoy the freedoms we have.

As a Korean War survivor, Dr. Kim expressed her gratitude to God and to all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save her, her village and her country. She also shared her heart with all the soldiers who served, no matter what time frame or war or branch they served in.

“Let’s celebrate every living breath as if it was our last breath,” Dr. Kim always shares from her heart.

Dr. Kim kicked off the event by introducing each veteran and thanking them for their service.

The following veterans were honored:

  • Fritz Smith, US Marine Corps
  • Travis Tucker, US Marine Corps
  • Jerry Szpak, US Navy
  • Darin Lewman, US Navy
  • Dan Silva, US Navy
  • Scott Balderas, US Navy
  • Jared Klein, US Navy
  • Thomas Petersen, US Navy
  • Will VanWey, US Air Force
  • Karen Heart, US Air Force

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(Dr. Tae Yun Kim giving recognition to Fritz Smith, US Marine Corps.)

Not everyone could attend, but each person was recognized at the event.

Dr. Kim personally presented the Can Do Spirit awards to each veteran who was able to attend and they each spoke a few words about their experience.

One team member approached Dr. Kim during the BBQ and with tears in his eyes, expressed his gratitude to Dr. Kim for having this event to honor our veterans.

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(Dr. Kim salutes Scott Balderas U.S. Navy, who is a Gulf War Veteran)

One veteran expressed his gratitude that this was the first company that he had ever worked for that actually recognizes Veterans Day (in November) as a company holiday!

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(President Scott Salton, CEO Dr. Tae Yun Kim and Rick O'Brien preparing delicious food!)

The night before the barbecue Dr. Kim went to work and handcrafted her delicious hot and spicy BBQ sauce and pulled an all-nighter preparing the special foods for the grill. She wanted to introduce her special sauce to her LWS team and veterans – and it was a HIT!

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(Lighthouse Veterans and Management Team celebrating this special moment!)

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(Marine Corps Ribs)

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(Representing the Air Force and the Navy!)

People were going back for seconds and thirds and even took leftovers to their families!  Everyone loved the food! (wish you all could have been there to taste it!)

Thank you, Dr. Kim, for taking your time and energy to acknowledge and recognize our veterans!

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Go Lighthouse!