New Product Press Release

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August 1, 2017, Medford, OR  Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions releases the ApexZ3 and Z50 portable Airborne Particle Counters to take your environmental monitoring program to the next level!


The ApexZ3 and Z50 are the pinnacle of deliberate evolution in the field of portable particle counting.  Starting with a significant reduction in weight to create the lightest 1 CFM (Z3) and 100 LPM (Z50) portable particle counter on the market today.  Alarm lights were elegantly integrated into the handle to simplify viewing of the instruments status.  Enhanced self-diagnostics as well as an internal audit trail help ensure both the accuracy of the data as well as regulatory compliance.  With the ability to wirelessly transfer data to your computer, server or LIMS system the ApexZ3 / Z50 can truly provide a paperless solution for your particle counting needs.  Smaller, Lighter, Easier to Use, the ApexZ line of particle counters represents the most technologically evolved instrument on the market today.


Learn more about ApexZ3 and ApexZ50.