Lighthouse Benelux at the WoTS 2016

Lighthouse Benelux at the WoTS 2016 Medium Image

From October 4-10, 2016 Lighthouse Benelux attended the exhibition called World of Technology and Science. The exhibition is targeted to technical, pharma and hospital world. We designed a new stand with the Lighthouse look and added a lot of lights. Visitors really appreciated the edgy yellow color, some even commented that the stand took their breath away.

The Lighthouse salesmen at the WoTS were keen to give demonstrations, information and advice on the usage of the Apex P3, Apex R5 and the Activecount100. We were able to display a segment of our large range of instruments and systems.

Lars Smidt in particularly gave an outstanding demonstration on the ActiveCount100. The employees of a pharma company were very impressed. We gathered plenty of leads to follow up and a lot of interesting conversations.