Cobalt 2 RHT sensor


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Cobalt 2 RHT sensor

Monitor both temperature and humidity with a single sensor

Transmitter Cobalt 2 ideal for monitoring the ambient environment in laboratories, storage areas, and mission-critical facilities. The Cobalt 2 Humidity & Temperature module is a dual-function device that logs both relative humidity (RH) levels and temperature. Typical applications are in incubators, stability cabinets, and ambient room environments. 
The Cobalt 2 module collects and stores humidity (RH) and temperature readings from the connected sensor module at regular intervals and transmits them to a monitoring system.


  • Range -40°C to +100°C and 0% to 99.9% RH
  • External digital dual sensor (with PTFE protection filter)
  • Digital temperature (resolution 0.0625°C) / relative humidity sensor (resolution 0.025% RH)
  • Overall accuracy for temperature: +/- 0,3°C and for humidity: +/-3%.