Going Paperless in the Cleanroom With the ApexZ Portable Particle Counter

Many years ago when particle counters were developed and their predecessors came along, over the years one major component in particle counters has always remained even when sensor technology in size shrinked from HeNe lasers to today’s much smaller laser diodes the ticker tape printer has remained. In the 1980’s memory was pretty small so capturing and recording large data chunks was not a luxury we have today with the advent of Solid State Drive memory advances. One terabyte is small in today’s memory driven and memory fueled world. The data had to be recorded on a ticker tape which was generated from an internal printer inside the particle counter. Now that we have abilities to store and transfer data effortlessly the move to a paperless cleanroom associated with particle counters has begun. So going paperless really means the end of the labor intensive ticker tape print outs and the management and storage of that data. The lighthouse ApexZ is a great solution to going paperless effortlessly.