Flow Rate

100 liters/minute ± 4%

25 liters/minute ± 5%

100 liters/minute ± 4%

Autoclavable Impactor Head

316L Stainless Steel with 88 holes,

316L Stainless Steel with 88 holes,

Aluminum with 300 holes, 19m/sec
(316L Stainless Steel available)

Autoclavable Dust Cover

316L Stainless Steel 

316L Stainless Steel

Aluminum (316L Stainless Steel available)


Removable, magnetic, autoclavable

Non- Removable 


HEPA filtered, captures 99.97% of particles at 0.3 μm



8 Hrs. continuous, 10 Hrs. normal sampling

6 hrs. continuous, 8 hrs. normal sampling



6.75 lbs

Weight 5.80 lbs (AL), 6.75 lbs (SS)

Petri dish compatibility

Compatible with standard 90 mm petri dish (85mm-92mm), includes adjustment tool

Sample volume presets

8 programmable volume presets

User names

50 programmable user names

Location names

400 programmable location names


3.5 inch (8.9 cm) color touch screen

LED light

RGB LED light for status, alerts, and alarms


Adjustable speaker volume

Time/Date formats

Time format 12 or 24 hours, Date formats YYYY/MM/DD, MM/DD/YYYY, DD/MM/YYYY

USB port

USB 2.0 port (8 GB flash drive included)

Data records

Unlimited; saved on USB flash drive in .csv file format

Log data fields

Start date, time, location, user, sample duration, flow duration, volume, cycles, status

Handle - monopod mountable

Monopod mountable handle 3/8-16, includes 1/4-20 threaded adapter


316L Stainless Steel


24 VDC power adapter (100-240V ~ 1.5A 50-60Hz)



Operating environment

0-90% humidity non condensing, 0-40°C sampling, 0-35°C charging


7.6”(h) x 4.7“(w) x 4.7”(d) [ 19.4 (h) x 12.0 (w) x 12.0 (d) cm]

Carry case

Seahorse case with Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions logo



ActiveCount Unit, sample head, dust cover, baseplate, blower inlet seal (HEPA units only), petri dish adjustment tool,
1/4-20 threaded monopod adapter, 24 VDC power adapter with cord, Operators Manual on 16 GB USB flash drive, calibration certificate, carry case.



Remote sampling adapter with ISO probe, compressed gas sampler, tubing, cleanroom monopod, IQ/OQ protocols.



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ActiveCount25H Air Sampler handle down
ActiveCount25H Air Sampler handle downActiveCount25H Air Sampler handle downActiveCount25H Air Sampler handle down

Microbial Sampler with Hepa Filtered Exhaust

The ActiveCount25H is a high-performance portable active air sampler suitable for use in cleanrooms and aseptic environments. The ActiveCount25H is ISO 14698 compliant with a d50 collection efficiency of 1 micron and HEPA filtered exhaust ports designed to avoid re-aspiration of sampled air. The ActiveCount25H offers self-adjusting flow control to ensure accurate sampling and continuous & periodic sampling modes for optimum sampling flexibility.

The impactor head, dust cover, and adjustable magnetic petri dish holder are entirely autoclavable. You will find these components easily removed and installed on the chemically compatible and sanitizable stainless steel enclosure of the AC25H.

The optional remote sample head minimizes disturbance of unidirectional airflow within a biological safety cabinet or laminar flow bench. The gas sample option provides the versatility needed to accomplish all your critical sampling requirements.



  • Sample rate: 25 liters per minute
  • 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) color touch screen
  • ISO 14698-1 compliant
  • HEPA filtered exhaust
  • 8 programmable sampling volumes
  • 50 programmable user names
  • 400 programmable location names
  • Flow rate alarming
  • ActiveCount100H FeaturesAltitude Compensated
  • Data logging to USB flash drive
  • Password security for sample settings
  • Autoclavable sampling head and dust cover
  • Removable baseplate2, magnetic and autoclavable
  • 100-240VAC adapter and internal battery 10 hours normal1 use
  • Continuous, Periodic and Gas sampling modes
  • Wipedownable and suitable for sterile conditions

1 Normal Use is defined as sampling 10 minutes, pausing 5 minutes and repeating.
2 Patent Pending



ActiveCount25H: The next evolution of the award winning ActiveCount100H



Type Part # Title Paper Size File Size Download
Datasheet 191010 ActiveCount100H, ActiveCount25H Letter 553.7 KB DOWNLOAD


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