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The Positive Injection Pump (PIP) provides the user with a safe system for the direction of aerosol from a Thermal Generator or Laskin Nozzle Generator to the point of use. 
Aerosol is drawn into the PIP at its suction point and ejected under pressure through a large bore flexible pipe.  
The tubing supplied can be connected directly to DOP injection ports and sparge pipes and makes it possible to inject aerosol into positive pressure zones or air handling units, clean air and containment systems and enhances mixing. 
Speed control allows for regulation of the discharge velocity, which is essential when introducing aerosol at apertures of various size. 


  • Adjustable swan-neck inlet works with any model of Aerosol Generator. The Aerosol Generator simply stands on the floor in line with the PIP.
  • Mounted on a stainless steel base with rubber feet to suit all floor types and prevent movement when in use.
  • Aerosol is directed to the injection point using the 5cm diameter flexible pipe, provided in a 10-meter length.
  • Aerosol can be injected into positive pressure zones up to 100mbar.
  • PIP power provides enhanced mixing by injecting against or across the normal system airflow.
  • Aerosol is available remote from the air blower and aerosol generator - up to 20 meters away if required. This means you no longer need to take the complete aerosol generator into the clean environment - just the flexible pipe.
  • Speed control version allows precision control of sparge pipe aerosol curtain for testing clean air cabinets and Microbiological Safety Cabinets.