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DOP 2200 Thermal Aerosol Generator

A very compact and easy to carry Thermal Aerosol Generator for use in cleanroom and containment systems for testing HEPA and ULPA  Filtration Systems. 
It is also used for airflow visualization, recovery rate determinations and containment leak testing in the clean air and containment industry sectors. 
Oil is propelled through the heat exchanger using an inert gas (normally CO2) and is vaporized. The vapour condenses in ambient air to provide a dry dense aerosol smoke of specific particle size distribution suited to the above testing specifications. 
The precision control dial allows for accurate and repeatable control the aerosol output. 
The Micro Aerogene covers the main range of output concentrations required for testing small safety and clean air cabinets up to HVAC and multi-filter cleanroom installations. 
The aerosol may be easily directed to the point of use using our Positive Injection Pump (PIP). The PIP also allows the aerosol to be injected into positive pressures. 
Using our Sparge Pipes, the aerosol may be distributed within an air duct or plenum using the PIP thus reducing the required mixing distance for upstream challenges.


  • Stainless steel casing provides easy cleaning, suitable for all cleanroom and containment environments.
  • Output provides 10-80mg/m3  into systems with 240- 108,000 m3/hr airflow.
  • Funnel-free oil reservoir filling and draining.
  • Hand and shoulder straps for easy carrying.
  • Operates with any inert gas supply, such as Nitrogen and CO2. Low gas pressure and shut- off valve reduces consumption.
  • Integrated gas bottle clamping rings for easy use, 1kg  CO2 gas cylinder provided (DOP2200 only). Quick-connect coupling also allows any size of gas bottle to be connected.
  • Integral control dial allows accurate and repeatable setting of aerosol output.
  • Energy efficient  Heat Exchanger gives  faster heat up from switching on, under 2 minutes.
  • Gas control minimizes usage, the aerosol is started and stopped with no residual output.
  • Mean Particle Size between 0.15µm and 0.25µm to cover all HEPA and ULPA Filter Most Penetrating Particle Size ranges.
  • Meets all known specifications for Filter Testing and complies with ISO14644-3.