ATI 5C Thermal Aerosol Generator


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ATI 5C Thermal Aerosol Generator

The 5C thermal aerosol generator is versatile and portable. It is ideal for certification of large applications and those requiring a wide range of aerosol concentrations such as in large cleanroom plenums, particularly where compressed air is not available. The 5C provides a high capacity solution for demanding industries such as those of independent filter certifiers, military or commercial nuclear facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical facilities, facilities with multiple cleanroom plenums, and other industrial applications.
A safe, convenient design
Incorporating fail-safe features such as oil feed and thermal shut off, auto-purging of the heater block, tipping cut out technology, and a liquid level sight gauge makes the 5C the safest thermal aerosol generator available today. All controls and displays are grouped on the front panel for easy operation away from the potentially hot aerosol generator output nozzle. High liquid capacity allows for up to four hours of continuous operation without refilling. Digital temperature control with redundant feedback allows the operator to optimize the unit for the aerosol agent being used, and aerosol output can be adjusted to accommodate specific application requirements.