ATI 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator


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ATI 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator

The 5D Thermal Aerosol Generator is designed for operators who require a wide range of aerosol output concentrations to perform leak tests on smaller clean air cabinets through cleanroom air handling systems.
It is the high capacity solution used in demanding industries.

Save time and money in the most demanding multi-filter cleanroom installations.
In high-volume HEPA and ULPA airflow environments, the 5D can significantly reduce the time it takes to conduct filter leak test scans, generating aerosol concentrations that can challenge the largest Air Handling Unit (AHU) configurations.
With 1- to 2-minute warmup and cool-down times, begin testing high-flow systems without waiting, and be ready to store and move the unit minutes after the job is complete.

Rugged Portability
The 5D components are housed in a stainless-steel enclosure designed to withstand the rigors of portable filtration-system certification.
Its lightweight, slim profile and supplied hand and shoulder straps make it an everyday, portable aerosol generator.

Generating the widest aerosol concentration range available, the 5D accommodates both high- and low-flow environments, from cabinets to the most demanding cleanroom installations. And with flex-fuel capability, the
5D can use any reagent, including DOP (DEHP), PAO-4, DOS (DEHS), Ondina, or mineral oil.