Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Defining How N95s Should Fit And Function

For healthcare workers, cleanroom professionals, and many others, Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE) is the first line of defense against hazards that can cause serious injuries or illnesses. N95 respirators are one of the most effective types of PPE for protecting you from airborne particles. As the world’s experts on clean air and particle counting, we’ve dedicated ourselves to designing comfortable, effective N95 Masks that are made in America


Elevating Function Through The Best Possible Fit

While working on a Jobsite, you need to know that your lungs are protected without having to fix your mask every minute. Your hands are busy – and your respirator should stay where it is. Our H210 takes not only comfort but superior fit into consideration. It both fits a wide range of facial features while also flexing with your face – staying snug the whole time. Your respirator should be working just as hard as you are. 

Industrial Use
General Use


Easing the Burden For Healthcare Workers

The last thing you want when dealing with patients, sensitive equipment, or hazardous materials is fogged-up glasses or other eyewear. Our NIOSH-approved SHIELD-95-MEDI uses patented technology to decrease the fog while simultaneously improving your field of vision and fit of the N95. That’s why the SHIELD-95-MEDI is the Fit Test Champion. We’ve taken the unique risks and struggles healthcare workers face and built this N95 respirator to help you stay safe and comfortable. No more failing fit tests and dealing with broken seals or straps!
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