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Aug 10, 2022

The Ultra Pure Water Qualification of the Vertex50

Qualification of Vertex50 to measure and detect ≥50nm trends in UPW systems The Vertex50 has TRUE sensitivity at 50nm has been qualified to measure and detect ≥50nm particles in Ultra-Pure Water...

Aug 1, 2022

The TRUE Sensitivity of the Vertex50

The TRUE Sensitivity of the VERTEX50 Liquid Particle Counter for Ultra-Pure Water Applications in Semiconductor and Pharmaceutical Industries. Liquid Particle counters (LPC’s) have widely been used...

Jul 25, 2022

The Basics of Liquid Particle Counters: How Particles are Counted

Liquid particle counting is used to measure the size and distribution of particles in a liquid sample. The particle distribution and size are measured by irradiating a liquid sample with a laser diode and...

Jul 1, 2022

Using RTMS To Improve Semiconductor Product Yields

Feb 23, 2022

Water For injection Liquid Monitoring for Pharmaceuticals

Water is one of the major utilities used by the pharmaceutical industry. Different grades of water quality are required depending on the different pharmaceutical uses. Control of the quality of water, in...

USP <788> Regulations For Liquid Particle Counters In Cleanrooms Small Image
Feb 21, 2022

USP <788> Regulations For Liquid Particle Counters In Cleanrooms

What happens if an injectable is contaminated? Infections, complications, vein irritation, local tissue infarction, anaphylactic shock, other health risks, and potentially death… The end-user is put in...

GMPs For Ultrapure Water In Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms Small Image
Feb 14, 2022

GMPs For Ultrapure Water In Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Water is an essential part of everyday life, and certain cleanrooms are no different - especially in pharmaceuticals. But water is unique apart from other products and process ingredients because ultrapure...

6 Water Purification Methods For Cleanrooms Small Image
Feb 8, 2022

6 Water Purification Methods For Cleanrooms

Water. It makes up 70% of our bodies, but, even more importantly, it serves as a vital ingredient and manufacturing component in cleanrooms. Before we are able to introduce it into the cleanroom setting -...

Feb 2, 2022

USP 788 Testing for Particles in Injectable Products

We are all too well aware of the adverse effects of particulate matter contamination within parenteral injectable pharmaceutical products and the consequences for patient safety. Here, particulate matter...

May 26, 2021

Preventing Downtime With Liquid Particle Counting Technology

Aug 16, 2018

Finally, the reliable, accurate and industry compliant liquid batch sampler you have been looking for is here!

Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions developed the LS-20 Liquid Sampler using the latest in laser optical particle counter technology. With sample volumes adjustable from 1 to 1000 milliliters (10 or 25mL syringe),...