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Maintaining Validation and Calibration

A wide variety of scientific instruments are used on a regular basis to assist in our daily IAQ investigations. Moisture meters, temperature and relative humidity probes, infrared cameras, and particle counters all have a couple of things i...

Particle Transport in Tubing

Airborne Particle Counters (APC) are used for a variety of purposes such as: • Filter testing • Cleanroom certification and testing • Isolator and minienvironment testing and certification. Often the use of APCs requires the ...

Real Time Process Monitoring

A common approach to controlling contamination in high technology manufacturing cleanrooms is the continuous monitoring of particles. Either dedicated, discrete, “real-time” particle counters or a multi-port pneumatic manifold s...

What do Particle Counts Mean?

When using particle counters, one needs to be aware of certain terms or phrases that are commonly used when describing functions of the instrument, or how the data is viewed and reported. Data are displayed in either Cumulative or Different...