Concept B1

Smoke Machine Instant, safe smoke on demand No warm up time, instant smoke Dense, controllable smoke  Completely portable  Simple to Operate Low fluid consumption (10 ml/min at max output) Can produce smoke for up to 10 mins at max output  Optional radio remote, wired remote and battery packs, DMX, TIMER etc  Concept’s B1 is a […]

Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger

Portable Utrapure water Cleanroom fogger AFM24, for producing High-density Water fog for Air Flow visualization in Cleanrooms. The new series foggers provides a high volume, density and purity of fog based on pure water. The water fog is generated by atomizing DI water into water droplets, which are nominally from 2 µm to 4 µm in […]

Flow Visualization

Flow Visualisation Airflow visualization; the display of the airflow by means of applying fog, can be used in various situations. For example as a method for leak testing in construction and visualization of air flow in a cleanroom or to validate the proper airflow of LAF or BSC cabinets.