YukJu Educational Foundation Program at Lighthouse and Jung SuWon Medium Image

Dr. Tae Yun Kim reaches out to people of all ages, to many areas of the world.  In her birth country of South Korea, she is an icon of success, a living miracle, someone who has achieved beyond the American Dream.  She was named the Hope of the Country by the President and First Lady of Korea.

In 2005, a Korean teacher dressed in traditional Korean clothes arrived at Dr. Kim’s Martial Art Academy with some books in his hand. He explained that he was captivated by Dr. Kim’s life story in her book “They Call Me Success” and had been teaching his students about Dr. Kim and her life in order to inspire them. He had brought 25 bound books of all their schoolwork that showed how much they had been studying about Dr. Kim’s life and her He Can Do She Can Do Why Not Me spirit!

Dr. Kim’s book and life story has been integrated throughout South Korean schools to inspire students with the stories of how she was rejected from birth in a small village in South Korea, abandoned during the Korean War and then came to the U.S. to create her success.

Through the Yukju Educational Foundation in South Korea, once or twice a year, about 30 students come to the U.S. to visit Dr. Kim’s company and martial art school to learn more about her amazing spirit and drive.

This year, 30 students from ages 12 – 17 eagerly awaited this visit.  They learned the basics of Tae Kwon Do at Dr. Kim’s Martial Art Academy, Jung SuWon.  Dr. Kim had her students of similar ages work with the girls from Yukju, and each group learned a lot about different cultures, Martial Arts, and how to communicate when you speak different languages.

The Korean students were also treated to a tour of Dr. Kim’s company, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions, including her executive office.

YukJu Educational Foundation Program at Lighthouse and Jung SuWon Image

They also got to meet with Dr. Kim, and participate in her TV show, the Tae Yun Kim Show as part of a live studio audience at her production studio.

YukJu Educational Foundation Program at Lighthouse and Jung SuWon Image

Dr. Kim’s CAN DO spirit is well known all over Korea, and now these students are bringing back with them many priceless experiences and gems of learning.

They are already talking to their peers in Korea, and the waiting list for next year’s trip keeps growing!

Jul 22, 2016