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Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s spirit was shining at Cal State Fresno on April 11, 2016. She had been invited by the Dean of the Craig School of Business to bring inspiration to his business students.

The students were mesmerized and captured by Dr. Kim’s energy and lively stories and by the Can Do Martial Art Demonstration Team from Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy.

Can Do Lecture At Cal State Fresno Image

Even in such a small space, the demo team performed energetic and exciting demonstrations.

Dr. Kim talked to the students about having a mentor and being bold in their lives. One student took that advice immediately and boldly asked Dr. Kim to be her mentor!

Dr. Kim selected 2 students to set their future memories and had them break boards to seal their goals. She surprised one of the students and had him break the board with his head! The other student broke it with her palm heel.


Can Do Lecture At Cal State Fresno Image

Can Do Lecture At Cal State Fresno Image

She demonstrated to them that when they focus their mind on any task – whether breaking a board or achieving their dreams – they can do it!

Afterwards she had a raffle to present gift baskets to 3 lucky students.

All the students were inspired by Dr. Kim and her messages about how to practice your success and to find a mentor to guide them through their lives.

The Dean and Professors were all very excited about Dr. Kim’s presentation and invited her to return to continue to share her spirit with more students every year!

Can Do Lecture At Cal State Fresno Image

(President Castro, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, Dean Harper)

Apr 11, 2016