Keep in Mind Series No#4

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Good Sampling Practice : Particle Counter Sampling Tube

Good Sampling Practice: Particle Counter Sampling Tube

Always mount your isokinetic probe directly to your particle counter and use trolley/SSL CART for sampling in a room.

Particle Counters always come with a 3-meter sampling tube. Cut the tube with the shortest possible length, not more than 1 meter. Never use the entire tube.

Always keep your isoprobe and tube closed at all times with isoprobe cap while not in use.

Do not leave your particle counter on the floor and extend your tubing in a spiral fashion.

Do not use a tripod next to your particle counter if you are already using trolley/SSL CART, mount your probe directly

Do not clean your sampling tube with high pressure or ultrasonic bath. Hold it in U shape, fill with IPA, move up and down gently, drain and let it dry.

Nov 4, 2020