Microbial Samplers

A No-Compromise Active Air Sampler

Lighthouse makes counting of Viables user friendly with a touchscreen UI and accuracy in both mobile and remote sampling systems. Proven technology for high-end pharma, medical and hospital applications.

Viable Air Sampler

Certified Capture Efficiency

Active Count active air samplers are validated according to ISO14698

Active Air Sampler

Sampling Evidence, Traceability, Compliant to GAMP

All relevant sampling parameters are stored into memory, and available as electronic records.

Microbial Sampler

Viable Air Sampler Options for any Application

High accuracy sampling options suitable for compressed gas applications, class A sampling solutions, and low volume solutions for long-term sampling.

Microbial Air Sampler

Environmental Monitoring System Integration

Lighthouse's remote sampling options make it easy to integrate your active air samplers into your real-time environmental monitoring program.

Viable Air Sampling