Cobalt 2 Precision Temperature sensor


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Cobalt 2 Precision Temperature sensor

3-wire, Class B PT100 sensors


Cobalt 2 modules are available with three types of precision PT100 sensors to cover a wide range of applications, from liquid nitrogen tanks to high-temperature kilns. Each external analog sensor is connected to the Cobalt 2 module via a robust cable designed for the target temperature range. 

Typical application are on ultra low freezers (-100 - +150°C) / LN2 and cryogenic freezers (-200 - +50°C) / ovens (+100 to + 350°C). Data is logged locally in Cobalt 2 memory and transmitted wirelessly to a host computer at programmable intervals. Alerts can be sent automatically as configured in the software.


  • Range -100°C to +150°C, -200°C to +50°C and +100°C to +350°C
  • 3-wire, Class B PT100 sensors 
  • On-board memory for 3.000 measurements