Lighthouse Benelux rents cleanroom equipment. This service is for those times you need this costly equipment, but when it is not economically feasible to purchase the equipment.

The rental program contains:
- Handheld 3016 or 3016IAQ
- Solair 3100 (RevE), Solair 3350 and Solair 1100LD
- ScanAirPro HEPA/ULPA Filter Test System (including the ATM226 Aerosol generator)
- High-Pressure Controller 1100 (HPC)
- High-Pressure Diffuser 0.1 CFM of 1.0 CFM
- Boulder Counter 
- ActiveCount100 / ActiveCount100H
- DOP SP200-B Photometer, DOP 2200 Thermal Aerosol Generator and DOP SPB-2 PIP
- Liquid Samplers 
- Other cleanroom validation equipment such as air velocity indicator, humidity meter, thermometer, flow measurement (flowhood), foggers, diluters 

Interested in our rental list, do you want to rent an instrument or do you have other questions? Don't hesitate to contact the sales team.