Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger


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Ultrapure Cleanroom Fogger

Portable Utrapure water Cleanroom fogger AFM24, for producing High-density Water fog for Air Flow visualization in Cleanrooms.

The new series foggers provides a high volume, density and purity of fog based on pure water. The water fog is generated by atomizing DI water into water droplets, which are nominally from 2 µm to 4 µm in size. The generated fog is ultrapure leaving no trace particles after its evaporation behind. The high density of the fog increases the duration and travel distance of the fog.

The Utrapure water Cleanroom fogger system is the only CE-certified system available on the market and IP 68 protected. The Utrapure Cleanroom fogger can be used in any class of cleanroom environment at rest and in operation.


  • Airflow visualization according to ISO 14644-3 Annex B7
  • Optimization for storage locations
  • Detection of (contaminated) infiltration in cleanrooms
  • Visualization of air flow


  • Small (all in one solution), portable and secure
  • Fog generated without time delay (ultrasonic heating)
  • The water droplets leave no residue after evaporation. 
  • Up to 3 meters hose

Standard system contains

  • Flexible hose (length: 3000 mm / diameter: 80 mm)
  • Power cord
  • Controller for spray volume and density
  • CE-Certification


  • Spray lance to make mist curtains (900 mm or 1350 mm)
  • Transport trolley
  • Video on Ultrapure fogger