About Lighthouse Benelux

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Lighthouse Benelux specializing in monitoring several parameters (air and climate) within the life sciences, pharmaceutical, hospital and high tech industries. Besides monitoring, Lighthouse also supplies cleanroom validation and qualification instruments for particle counting, microbiological sampling, airflow visualization and filter integrity tests.

Lighthouse Benelux is a subsidiary of the global Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions. The headquarters of Lighthouse is situated in San Francisco (California) and the production is located in Medford (Oregon) in the US. Lighthouse has regional offices around the world and distribution in approximately 70 countries. After the start in 2004, Lighthouse Benelux has built a second business building in 2014 where the department for monitoring systems is located. Because of the expansionary growth of the monitoring industry, we  decided to give these activities more space for growth and the number of specialists that daily work with monitoring systems is extended. 

Lighthouse has a team of software specialists that make sure that the Lighthouse Monitoring Software (LMS) is configured according to the customers’ demands. Our project leaders and the installation team provide full support, installation, documentation, and qualification of a system.

Widely proven overall quality
Lighthouse is in possession of the ISO 9001:2015 certificate and ISO 17025 accreditation. The quality of the products and services of Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions has proven itself international for over 30 years.

Market segments in which Lighthouse has already proven itself:
•  Pharmaceutical market: monitoring of aseptic production areas and laboratories
•  Medical and Biotechnology industry: monitoring of production cleanrooms, LAF-cabinets, laboratories, and warehouses
•  Healthcare: monitoring in hospitals and clinics of OR’s, laboratories, pharmacies, central sterilization department and isolation rooms
•  Semiconductor industry: monitoring of cleanrooms, commodities, and critical surfaces
•  Food industry: monitoring of production areas which need to comply with the HACCP directive
•  Aerospace and research institutes: monitoring of cleanrooms and research laboratories

We give training and instructions to administrators and users of our systems in our own training center and cleanroom. All monitoring systems are being (if desired) fully qualified and documented delivered according to GAMP-5.