Honoring Our Heroes – Korean War Veterans

Honoring Our Heroes – Korean War Veterans Medium Image

Dr. Tae Yun Kim was only 5 years old when the Korean War broke out. She has tremendous gratitude towards the U.S. Armed Forces who came to her country and small village in Gimcheon and saved herself and her village.

In conjunction with the Korean American Journalists Association, Dr. Kim and TYK Foundation held an event to honor 11 Korean War veterans.

Along with the Korean Consul General of San Francisco, Dr. Kim presented medals that were forged from pieces of the steel fence at the DMZ that separates North and South Korea as well as a special Can Do Spirit award from TYK Foundation.

These Korean War veterans experienced the harsh conditions of a Korean winter, the intense fighting on various hills, and life threatening situations over and over again.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim always remembers how the G.I.s would drive through her village and toss candies and other goodies to the village kids. She has endearing memories of the U.S. Armed Forces and is eternally grateful for all soldiers, active and retired.

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Apr 14, 2016