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Ease of Use

LMS Pro was designed with an ICON driven user interface which greatly simplifies the user experience.

Color coded status and unique shaped ICONS enhance the already intuitive user interface.

Ease of Use Image

Data at Your Fingertips

With LMS Pro software get data when, where and in the format you need it. Whether you are at your desk or at any computer on your network you can access all of the data you need.

View your data in multiple formats:
- Real Time Maps
- Real Time/Historical Graphs
- Real Time/Historical Data Tables
- Grid Tables
- Alarm Logs
- Event Logs
- Compliance Reports.
- Batch and Lot Reports

Data at Your Fingertips Image

Data Redundancy

As environmental contamination can have an adverse effect on product yield, monitoring of environmental conditions is mission critical. A single excursion can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in product loss. With redundant data collection your data will be automatically recorded to two databases simultaneously. With mirrored databases if the main computer fails the secondary will automatically take over data collection, thus providing you with uninterrupted data collections and alarming on out of specification conditions.

Data Redundancy Image

Turnkey Solutions

Lighthouse offers complete factory direct support throughout the entire life of the system, including consulting, system design and manufacturing, installation, calibration, as well as after service and training. Our engineers, technicians and support personnel are committed to our customers’ complete satisfaction.

Turnkey Solutions Image


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Particle Counters

Delivering the utmost data integrity, risk mitigation and environmental compatibility, the APEX R02 Remote Particle Counter is...

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Temp/Relative Humidity Sensors

The Remote TRH-02-15 Sensor comes with ±0.2°C (0.36°F) and ±1.5% RH accuracy. The Remote sensor uses...

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Differential Pressure Sensors

The Remote DP Sensor has been designed for cleanroom operations with an IP67 rated housing and easy field service features. The...

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Air Velocity Sensors

The Remote AV Sensor is the ideal solution for unidirectional flow and ventilation monitoring in cleanroom environments and for...

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Temperature Sensors

The Remote RTD is a small cost effective high accuracy temperature sensor suited for cleanroom applications and for monitoring...